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Hard Seltzers
Soft Drinks
    • Beer

    • Michelob Ultra


      Light lager with light citrus aroma: 4.2%

    • Corona Light


      The Easy Drinking Classic Beer: ABV - 4.1%

    • Guinness Stout


      Distinctively black. Velvety finish: ABV - 4.1%

    • Modelo Especial


      Well-balanced flavor, with a soft hop character and a crisp, final touch. It's characterized by its orange blossom aroma and a touch of grass: ABV - 4.6%

    • Banana Bread


      A silky, crisp, and rich amber-colored ale with a fluffy head and strong banana note on the nose: ABV - 5.2%

    • Captain Lawrence Clear Water Kolsch


      Low in bitterness but packed full of malty rich flavors w/a touch of citrus for a clean & smooth ale: ABV - 4.8%

    • Captain Lawrence Hop Commander IPA


      Citra, Bravo and Centennial hops shine in this classic IPA. Biscuity malts balance hoppy notes of orange grapefruit and pine with a nice dose of bitterness to finish: ABV - 6.5%

    • Captain Lawrence Orange Crusher


      Crisp & crushable, this citrusy lager is soon to be your favorite go-to easy drinker: ABV - 4.2%

    • Goose Island IPA


      This classic, hoppy, and bold IPA is part of what makes Goose Island, Goose Island. Enjoy grapefruity goodness in every last sip: ABV - 5.9%

    • Frog Alley Squints Sour


      Fermented with a carefully selected strain of lactobacillus bacteria and a traditional ale yeast. The deep pink color comes from the addition of tart cherries and red raspberries. The sugar from the fruit compliments the tartness of the beer: ABV - 4.2%

    • Bronx Brewing - City Island Sour IPA


      Immerse yourself in a truly unique flavor experience crafted from a harmonious blend of hops and Sourvisiae yeast. The result? A tantalizing peachy profile adorned with zippy hints of lemon and lime that dance across your palate: ABV - 6.0%

    • Bronx Brewing - Summer Pale Ale


      Prepare your senses for a burst of citrusy goodness as the zesty notes of lemon peel dance gracefully across your palate, accentuating the beer's bright and lively profile: ABV - 5.2%

    • Lagunitas


      IPA - A well-rounded, Highly drinkable India Pale Ale. A bit of Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops, including Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and a splash of honorary “C” hop, Simcoe: ABV - 6.2%

      Island Beats - Citrus flavors tasting like freshly-squeezed pineapples, mango and passion fruit – only they’re all notes carried by hops: ABV - 5.0%

      Island Beats - 98 Cals. 3 Carbs. Light in the things that weigh you down, yet crisp & hop-forward: ABV - 4.0%

    • Stone Brewing - Buenaveza


      Brewed with just the right amount of lime and sea salt, it’s everything a lager should be – crisp, refreshing and full of flavor: ABV - 4.7%

    • Victory Brewing


      Golden Monkey - Nose is loaded with Belgian yeast character of banana and clove with an equally fruity body balanced with a light, earthy hop character. Savor notes of orange and spice followed by a dry finish: ABV - 9.5%

      Sour Monkey - Fruity notes from imported Belgian yeast swirl through a precise souring. Pucker up to a bite of citrus laden tang ending with a delectable experience: ABV - 9.5%

    • Wine

    • Wine


      Barefoot Pinot Grigio: ABV - 12.5%
      Barefoot Chardonnay: ABV - 13.0%
      Barefoot or Sutter Home Moscato: ABV - 9.0%
      Barefoot Rose: ABV - 12.0%
      Sutter Home Merlot: ABV - 13.4%

    • Hard Seltzers

    • Down East Cider


      Original Blend - Made with juicy sweet apples and completely unfiltered-meaning the good stuff is left in: ABV - 5.1%

      Aloha Friday - Made with a bright blend of tart pineapple and tropical juiciness: ABV - 5.1%

      Strawberry - Jam packed with fresh, sweet strawberry flavor: ABV - 5.1%

      Orange Creamsicle - The best part of an orange creamsicle is the orange and the creamsicle. The worst part is the stick. No stick: ABV - 5.0%

    • Spindrift Spiked Hard Seltzer - 12 oz.


      Strawberry Lemonade: ABV - 4.0%

      Blood Orange Tangerine: ABV - 4.0%

    • Spindrift Spiked Hard Seltzer - 19.2 oz.


      Pineapple: ABV - 4.0%

    • Angry Orchard Hard Cider


      Crisp Apple: ABV 5.0%

    • Mike's Hard


      Strawberry, Lemonade, Black Cherry, Mango: ABV - 5.0%

    • White Claw


      Flavored malt based hard seltzer. Black Cherry, Mango: ABV - 5.0%

    • Snacks

    • Chips and Crackers


      Assorted Flavors (Lay's, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Fritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Ruffles, Cheez-It, Peanut Butter Crackers, Peanut Butter and Cheese Crackers)

    • Pop Corners


      Sea Salt, White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Spicy Queso - 1 oz Bag

    • Skinny Pop


      Popcorn - 0.65 oz Bag

    • Sweets

    • Candy


      M&Ms, Milky Way

    • Cookies


      Nutter Butter, Chips Ahoy